CLINICCARE™ Mesotherapy Products


The safest microneedling treatment

The technological advances in the field of material processing on a micro scale have led to a the development and introduction of rollers with microneedles that use very thin needles to facilitate the penetration of active substances from the mesotherapy serums, through the perforating of the skin’s exterior layer. The result is the increased transdermal absorption of the active ingredients.


The CLINICCARE™ microneedle rollers are high quality, durable and precise tools. For increased durability, the CLINICCARE™ microneedles are made out of titan. All the components are manufactured under constant quality control. The CLINICCARE™ Microneedle Rollers are presented under a form of a cylinder with 540 incorporated microneedles.

The advantages of the dermatologic roller

  • It has the same role in the stimulation of collagen production, without affecting the skin’s protective layer as the laser and other ablative methods.
  • They are at least as efficient as lasers, IPL, Thermage and other treatments performed with the help of cosmetic devices, however it’s cost is only a fraction for the patients and doctor.
  • Non-surgical and non-ablative means, offer a more gentle and non-invasive treatment for the skin.
  • The pain is minimized, the post treatment recovery time is very short and only comes with minor risks of complications.